Vice President Biden Puts Ryan In His Place



Watching the Vice Presidential Debate between the Vice President and Paul Ryan was really an entertaining show lastnight. It was everything I wanted the Presidential Debate to be with energy, out burst, laughs, interruptions, and fact checking on the spot. Biden came off like the crafty veteran, whos been around with experience; just taking the new young guy to school with facts and aggressiveness. At one point in the debate, Ryan’s eyes got real glassy like he was seconds from crying. Ryan tried to stay posed, but you could tell that Biden was starting to get into his head throughout the debate. I can’t say that I can remember Ryan winning any topic lastnight, so Biden did his job. I’m just hoping that President Obama brings it like Biden did on the next Presidential Debate

3 Responses to “Vice President Biden Puts Ryan In His Place”

  1. 1 David Taylor Jr.

    Biden won? Did you watch the same debate? Biden contradicted his own state department, was rude, arrogant, obnoxious, and a buffoon. He looked more like a clown than the VP of the US. It was very unprofessional and he didn’t even get his facts straight. Ryan however stayed professional despite Biden’s childish display of etiquette, and answered the questions detailing exactly what they will do. Of course Biden doesn’t really have much to defend so he decided to go crazy. Shameful!

    • @david taylor Jr Yes i watched the same debate, and not one of my Republican friends came at me talking about Ryan won like they did when Obama went against Romney. And if you’re saying Ryan won using that style of debating, i guess you believe Obama beat Romney then. Because Ryan was Obama, and Biden was Romney in there style, however Biden nor Obama was telling straight lies like Romney did. Everytime Ryan would try to go on his talking points, Biden would fact check him on the spot. If you just watched Ryan’s facial expressions throughout the debate you can tell he was on defensive mood, and couldn’t come back with answers to questions. I remember at one point in the debate Biden asked Ryan to answer a question with details of what he and Romney would do different in one topic, and Ryan just keep saying, “We have a plan”. But he never would say what the plan was or gave any details of what the plan would be. He actually did that on acouple topics. You can’t win a debate bashing someone elses plan, but can’t give a better alternative. He was basically just giving his opinions throughout the debate

      • 3 David Taylor Jr.

        No Ryan didn’t beat Biden like Romney beat Obama, he didn’t have to. Biden made a fool out of himself. A Buffoon. And in fact, Ryan did answer the questions, go back to the debate, apparently you were too distracted by Biden’s side-show.

        What lies might I ask did they tell? Biden could get facts straight, and what about Biden contradicting the State Department? Face it, Obama/Biden are the ones who can’t defend their failed record.

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