Grace, who lives in Hollywood, Fla., received her degree from Florida Atlantic University on Friday with a sparkling 3.8 grade-point average. She will receive her “other” diploma on Friday from Florida Atlantic University high school.

I thought this was a great story, and a positive message out there for a change. You have to be very smart, driven, and obedient to pull those two accomplishments off and the sametime. I know I had problems with Algebra, and chemistry in highschool, never the less having to try to pass statistics, and other college brain freezing courses in college at the sametime! Congrats to her though, she deserves it.



Those abusive relationships, is the sh-t i don’t like hearing about. Dudes/Females if you think you have to be physical with your partner to control or keep them; you might as well let them go now. You know they will eventually leave you when they get tired of your sh-t, and get the courage to move on. Have you ever seen a couple who had an abusive relationship be together for the rest of their lives? I know I haven’t. So ether one of these 3 things will happen: 1. They will just leave you eventually, 2. One of you will go to jail, or 3. and worst of all, One of you will kill each other. If you know you can’t trust someone who parties three days a week, or somene who is a Habitchual flirt: maybe you shouldn’t be with them. So I say, “Get with someone you can trust, that won’t make you feel like you have to be physical with them to to keep them inline”. Get yourself together or Move on!


Watching the Vice Presidential Debate between the Vice President and Paul Ryan was really an entertaining show lastnight. It was everything I wanted the Presidential Debate to be with energy, out burst, laughs, interruptions, and fact checking on the spot. Biden came off like the crafty veteran, whos been around with experience; just taking the new young guy to school with facts and aggressiveness. At one point in the debate, Ryan’s eyes got real glassy like he was seconds from crying. Ryan tried to stay posed, but you could tell that Biden was starting to get into his head throughout the debate. I can’t say that I can remember Ryan winning any topic lastnight, so Biden did his job. I’m just hoping that President Obama brings it like Biden did on the next Presidential Debate

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